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luxanawatches.com affiliate program in Pepperjam affiliate network

posted 3 months ago
Luxana was founded by two lifelong friends dedicated to crafting tasteful, yet bold timepieces. Founded in Newport Beach, California the company’s flagship “Dadi” series embodies style and quality without breaking the bank. In the spirit of undergraduate budgeting, Luxana offers their customers reasonably priced timepieces with tremendous versatility.

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Network : Pepperjam
Currency : USD
category : Accessories
Cookie Duration : 15 days
Commission Percentage : 10.000%
Mobile Tracking : Enabled
website : https://www.luxanawatches.com
Deep Linking : Yes
Product Feed : No
Commission Percentage Per Sale % : 0.00
This program is in these affiliate networks : Pepperjam,
Listing / message ID: 25564

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